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Rasta Thomas

born: 1981

American. Started studying ballet at the age of seven "as punishment for disrespecting martial arts teachers." Studied for six years at the Kirov Academy in Washington, D.C.

Finished a year as a principal dancer at the Hartford Ballet in 1998. He won a Jury prize at the Paris International Ballet Competition in 1994, a Gold Medal, (Junior), at the International Ballet Competition, Varna, in 1996 and won the Gold Medal, (Senior), at the United States International Ballet Competition in 1998. He is the first sixteen year old to do so.

Rasta Thomas earned his High School diploma at the age of fourteen and continues to study at a college level. He has choreographed some of his own work and done some film work as well. He is also a model for Capezio dance shoes. If Rasta continues the way he started he will be known as one of the great dancers of the twenty-first century.